ThingMonk 2016: Alasdair Allan – The Little Things of Horror

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The current age where privacy is no longer regarded as ‘a social norm’ may not long survive the coming of the Internet of Things. To a lot of people the digital Internet still isn’t as real as the outside world. But it’s going to be a different matter altogether when your things tattle on you behind your back.

If everything is smart, everything will soon be measuring, calculating, and weighing your life. Suddenly its not just your email, or the photographs of your cat, but your heart rate, your respiration rate, how, and who, you slept with the night before.

But the rush to connect devices to the Internet has led to sloppy privacy, and sloppy security. That can’t continue. We therefore will pick over the Internet of Things battlefield of the last couple of years and point out poor architectural choices, poor decisions, and poorly secured things. The hope is that these battle stories can inform future architectures, and make hindsight the best foresight.

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