ThingMonk 2016: Ling Tan – Building an Immersive Interactive Architectural Interface

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Ling Tan comes from an architectural background, her interest in how people interact with their the built environment has led her to specialize in wearable technologies and she now operates as a designer, maker and coder with Umbrellium. Their focus is on large scale civic projects designed to explore the relationship between citizen and technology in the shared environment. Working with city planners to explore new ways of structuring participation. Based in Shoreditch Ling didn’t have far to travel to present her talk on Umbrellium’s exciting new educational science and technology project undertaken in partnership with the City of Cambridge Education Foundation.

Project Cinder provides a deeply immersive interactive architectural interface for students to make sense of their changing relationships to the building, and to each other. The project manifests in the form of a a virtual cat called Cinder, inhabiting Trumpington Community College, Cambridge, where she thrives alongside the high-tech building’s sustainability systems. Ling described the process of building this project, the challenges and fun they had with the students and working with building system.

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