ThingMonk 2016: Charlie Isaacs – Hacking to Find IoT Data Insights

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What better way to learn how to find critical insights in massive amounts of IoT data than from a hackathon? In July 2016 teams in the Digital Manufacturing Commons HackDMC hackathon provided 24GB of machine data from ITAMCO (Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies), collected over 4 years from more than 75 shop floor machines. The teams found compelling needles in the data haystack. Another one for the data geeks amongst you. In this talk Charlie Isaacs shares the techniques used by the winners to process the massive amounts of machine events and turn those events into business actions and intelligence with the ThingMonk crowd.

Another champion for increased inclusivity in tech Charlie volunteers at organizations helping women and minorities to enter STEM fields in the US. He was very proud to be able to emphasise the fact that 40% of the team he worked with on the DMC Hack were women. This kind of progressiveness is important at Redmonk and it was heart warming to see this emerge as a strong undercurrent in so many of the talks.

Charlie has a track record of R&D leadership and holds several patents related to CRM and the Internet of Things. As VP/CTO for Customer Connection he claims to have “the best job at Salesforce” as he incubates customers worldwide onto the Salesforce IoT platform. He told us that experience has taught him that the human element is key and that finding ways of putting humans into the equation should be a vital function of Industrial IoT. Like the example he gave us from Hack DMC where they wrote an app that could process and push out alarm events to the factory foreman’s phone.

Accepting predictions that the majority of functionality is going to move down from the cloud to the edge has implications for cloud platforms  but Charlie explained why he feels both Edge and Cloud will remain Important? ‘Don’t sell your stock in Salesforce yet.’ he joked, as real-time IoT data from the Edge needs to be co-mingled with CRM data from the cloud for relevant context

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