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RedMonk Top 20 Languages Over Time: June 2018

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As part of my colleague Steve’s analysis about language rankings, here’s a visualization that tracks the movement of the top 20 languages over the history of the rankings.

Chart depicting the top 20 programming languages from 2012 to 2018.
Click to see a full size version of the chart

Please see Steve’s post for additional commentary and disclaimers about the analysis.


  1. So according to the graph, is Assembly extinct ? 🙁
    Maybe a distinction between lower and high levels could help map out the ranks. At the end of the day all becomes zero and ones anyhow…php is made of c++ and so forth…

    1. Not dead by any means, just not in the Top 20. (Our methodology changed in January 2014 when GitHub changed its data availability.)

  2. This is a fine chart and very informative. I just can’t help to think that it would be a bit quicker to traverse if it didn’t have those white dots at every row and datapoint. Its a bit distracting to my eye.

  3. Objc mor popular than Swift? 🤔

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