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Talking Serverless with AWS Heroes

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I spent my last work week of 2019 filming content around serverless (stay tuned!), which reminded me that I also had the opportunity to talk serverless with some of the AWS Serverless Heroes at this past year’s AWS Serverless Heroes Summit in Seattle. While some topics transverse all three videos (e.g., “What is serverless?”), I also had the chance to dig deeper on each hero’s areas of interest and specialization, so you’ll hear a bit about specific concerns around serverless and issues like local testing testing, CI/CD, and observability. And I promise you: these folks all have really smart things to say.

For your consideration:

“Serverless Today & Tomorrow” with Peter Sbarski & Ben Kehoe

“Serverless Today: Stateless Architectures for Stateless Applications” with

Kurt Lee & Erica Windisch

“Making the Cloud Come Alive: CI/CD in a Serverless World” with

Jeremy Daly & Forrest Brazeal

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Disclosure: AWS is a RedMonk client.


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