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ICYMI: The RedMonk Newsletter

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We launched a newsletter recently. Intrigued? Confused? None of the above? In any case, here are some RedMonk Newsletter FAQs:


Who should check out the RedMonk Newsletter?

You. This newsletter is for you. And anyone else who wants a nicely curated list of RedMonk updates delivered directly to their inbox (no social media required).

What is the format?

An intro from one of the analysts (but you might never know which analyst you’ll be hearing from next—it’s like surprise!). A list of links that we found interesting. Highlights from our recent research, media, and appearances. Some tech talent who we know are looking for new roles. Events we are hosting or planning to attend. Pretty much the usual newsletter stuff.

Where might there be past letters to peruse?

Here is the archive (we only have three so far, including this month’s letter).

When can I expect a new letter?

We are aiming for one letter per month. No promises on exact dates.

Why a newsletter (and why now)?

James Governor covers that in our inaugural April 2024 letter. Seriously, he’s really good at this newsletter thing, so give it a read.

How do I sign up for this content from my favorite developer-focused analyst firm?

You can subscribe here!

Will signing up for a newsletter after being referred by a blog post that will probably end up in a future newsletter create some kind of wormhole?

No, you’re good. Go ahead and sign up.

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