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RedMonk at CloudBees Days 2019

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A few months into my tenure as a RedMonk analyst I found myself in a meeting with my fellow monks. The aim: plan our spring travel. At one point I was asked if I’d be willing to give a talk on Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). With a background that includes time as a test & release manager (which gave me insight into how the tech and process decisions surrounding CI/CD can make or break a pipeline) I jumped at the chance to focus on the latest trends in these areas. And so here I am, finalizing the details for a trip to Zürich next month to speak at CloudBees Days on “CI/CD and Progressive Delivery: The State of the Industry.”

In addition to CI/CD, the talk will also cover Progressive Delivery, a concept that my colleague James Governor has been developing over the past few months. While you can read James’s post, Towards Progressive Delivery, to learn more, I highly recommend attending the event itself for the following reasons:

  1. This is Zürich:

Historic buildings sit on both sides of the Limmat River where it empties into Lake Zurich.

  1. You will also get to see Christina Noren, Chief Product Officer of CloudBees, speak on “Shipping What Matters: CD, DevOps and Beyond.”
  2. Once you have spent your morning learning about emerging trends in these areas, the afternoon is full of workshop tracks where you can see some of these technologies in action (including Jenkins X, which recently joined the newly launched Continuous Delivery Foundation).

If you cannot make it to Zürich on April 10, you can catch James talking CI/CD and Progressive Delivery at CloudBees Days Madrid on April 4. Because these events are smaller in scale than your typical giant tech conference, you might also have a chance to chat Progressive Delivery with James in person. And in case your April is already booked, here is the full list of CloudBees Days at which RedMonk will be speaking in 2019:

Disclosure: We are appearing at the CloudBees Days events listed above through a paid engagement with CloudBees.

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