Android at Google I/O 2011 – GearMonk #003

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Press Q&A

We’re at Google I/O this week and after the day one keynotes, Stephen and I sit down and go over the Android related news (plus Google Music and Movies). In addition to just going over the news with our commentary; we discuss why this platform play might work better for Google than it did for Sun, Adobe, Microsoft, and the others who’ve tried and are trying; we wrap-up by exploring what Google’s “grand strategy” might be with all this stuff that doesn’t seem directly tied to revenue.

Download the episode directly right here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically, or just click play below to listen to it right here:

We’ll try to get a recording in of day two, which we predict will be mostly about Chrome, Google’s platform for (web) application development, more or less.

Disclosure: See the RedMonk client list for clients mentioned.

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