A tiny Google TV Keyboard

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While we haven’t checked out this device ourselves at GearMonk, the smaller size does look alluring for the Google TV. The ability to hold it like a remote is a novel concept too. As with all of these types of gadgets, they’ve thrown in a laser pointer for seemingly no reason.

I’m not a big fan of the Google TV (at least in the Logitech Revue incarnation) over the cheaper Roku box (or just watching Netflix on your XBox or embed TV player). But, rather than balancing that big keyboard it comes with on my lap or the end-table, I can see that a smaller remote would be nicer.

There’s RF and Bluetooth versions available, and the PR email just sent over says there’s a 30% discount for pre-orders before the official launch on February 15th.

Here’s some more pictures the PR folks sent over:

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