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RedMonk Links – New Feed

I put together a quick feed that wraps up all of our links feeds into one, RedMonk Links. If you’re like me, you like subscribing to the bookmarks of various people and orginizations – you know, stuff people put in and Delicious. For exampe, the GigaOm Pro folks “curate” some good ones daily.

Each of us RedMonks – James, Stephen, Tom, and I – bookmark stuff all time. It’s mostly technology related, but sometimes it’s baseball, recipes, and other person stuff. Anyhow, if links is your thing (and you’re sick of us waiting to post round-ups of them), subscribe to the RedMonk Links feed – once Yahoo! Pipes gets ’em, you’ll see ’em!

(I didn’t splice in our own content, there’s plenty of feeds for all that running around.)

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  2. The final battle, taking place as it does in central Chicago, seems to draw a great deal of imagery from 9/11 – building toppling, people falling, panic, dust, shots of office paraphernalia tumbling from sky-scrapers.

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