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I no longer work at RedMonk. Please see my last post for more info.


I don’t quite understand how someone so geeky can be so interesting but Michael Coté at RedMonk manages it, and with a suitable dash of skepticism too! Rob “The IT Skeptic” England

I’m Cote’, a software Industry Analyst with RedMonk. Generally, I cover software: making it, using it, and living with it. I cover a wide range of topics in the software and technology world (see below for more detail).


Y!: bushwald
AIM: bushwald
GTalk: [email protected] / [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
Skype: bushwald
Twitter: @cote
Work: +1-512-795-4307
Time Zone: CST


Personal Blog:

Extended Bio

Coté is analyst at RedMonk covering primarily enterprise software, specializing
in open source, cloud computing, IT management, software development, collaborative, the web, emerging technologies, new media, and
social/collaborative software. He is RedMonk’s IT Management Lead. His blog is available at and he produces the RedMonk podcast as well as the video podcast RedMonkTV.

Before joining RedMonk, Coté worked at BMC developing the BMC Performance
Manager family of enterprise systems management products. Prior to BMC, Cote’ worked at a wide variety of tech companies and startups such as The Cobalt Group, Coral Technologies, and one of the first, and still thriving, online banking companies, FundsXpress. He also produces the popular code monkey podcast,

Coté was selected for the Texas Social Media Awards in 2009. Technobabble 2.0, a popular blog about analyst relations, ranked Coté’s blog #14 in its ranking of the top 400 analyst blogs (in 2008, he was ranked #8 of the “Top 100 analyst blogs”). He was recently named the 3rd most regarded analyst in the U.S. and 5th globally by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations. (Thanks!) He talks with and is quoted by the tech press frequently (recent, archives).

See my LinkedIn page for even more information.

For speaking engagements, here is a head-shots, in many sizes.


I end up traveling a lot. If you’re around, it’d be great to say hello in person. Check out my public travel profile for more information.

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