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Nobody gives you free money – Back of the Envelope #004

The Hole, front

While I was in Houston for two weeks, Ed (@egoodwintx) and I met up in person, right downtown. With a bit of urban sound in the background, we discuss the recent highlights of technology earnings calls (things are looking up – we highlight Intel and Apple), the state of the IPO market for tech startups, and the deal with Facebook’s going public without going public.

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…also, we talk about the business of Houston. Since we were in person, I don’t have extensive show-notes, but there’s our lovely disclaimer:

Since Ed works in a highly regulated job as a portfolio manager, his lawyers require this exciting disclaimer, which you’ll get to hear my friend Charles Lowell read at the beginning of the episode:

This podcast is for entertainment purposes only. The content and opinions expressed in this podcast are merely the opinions and observations of Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Cote. Michael Cote is a technology analyst who may have conflicts of interest concerning the companies mentioned. Ed Goodwin is an investment adviser to various funds that may have a financial interest in any companies mentioned. This podcast should not be construed as investment advice of any kind. Both Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Cote may be buying or selling any of the securities mentioned at any time; either for themselves or on behalf of clients of theirs. The content herein is intended solely for entertainment purposes only. This podcast is not a solicitation of business; all inquiries will be ignored.

Seriously, don’t rely on this podcast for investment advice. Ever.

Now sit back and enjoy the show.

Disclosure: see the list of RedMonk clients for clients mentioned.

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