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The Concise Executive Guide to Agile – Book Review

The Concise Executive Guide to Agile (IEEE CS Press ReadyNotes)

Executives are often left with few hand-holds for fitting Agile development into their usual management tasks – setting plans (including budget), measuring success and failure, using leadership to set the plans and spirit that teams operate under, the mechanics of scaling Agile to multiple teams at “big” companies, and most importantly being able to make business decisions with imperfect information.

In a quick 27 pages, Israel Gat covers the tasks management must take on introduce, manage, and then maintain Agile in their organization. Packed into this brief guide is enough information to bring an executive up to speed on what they should be doing if they’ve found themselves in charge of an Agile organization, or if they’re trying to boot-strap to that state.

(It’s available as an ebook directly from the IEEE or as a Kindle edition.)

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