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Dealing with Analysts, 2010 edition

A few years ago I gave this presentation to the Porter Novelli Austin. One of the original folks there, Josh Jones-Dilworth, now has his own marketing firm (Jones-Dilworth, of the mysteriously stealthy home-page), and asked me to come give the talk to his people.

I updated it a bit, but the goal is still the same: tactical advice for getting things from and working with analysts. Also of note: the presentation is targeted at PR, AR, and other people who work on the “sell-side” with analysts. The focus is primarily for “vendors” who want to curry influence & do work with analysts, not “buyers” who want to use analysts as input for their own evaluations, procurement, knowledge, etc.

Jones-Dilworth is a great firm – and not just because they have a kegerator in their office – if you’re in the market for PR, AR, and strategic marketing help, they’re worth checking out.

Disclosure: some of Josh’s past and current clients have been and are RedMonk clients. Josh also gave me a Roku as he had two boxes full of them from that client of his. Also: an espresso and seltzer water from the coffee outfit next door, Once Over Coffee – it was delicious!

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  1. Thank you for this! As someone who works in AR, I can tell you that we need more guidelines like these.

    Puneet SandhuAugust 26, 2010 @ 1:31 pm
  2. Thanks for the reference. I could have used this presentation for some I've supported in the past….Comms folks should pay attention to this valuable info.