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IT Management and Cloud Podcast, Episode 78

Austin Cloud User's Group

As mentioned earlier, I gave an introductory, overview talk on cloud computing earlier this week to the Austin Cloud User Group. I managed to make a recording of the talk, and in place of John and I figuring out when to record a real episode, I bring you, dear listeners, that talk. For long time listeners, it may be worth skipping: it brings together several points from past talks on this topic, but it is the first time I’m put together “everything” into one talk. As such, it stands a good overview of what cloud computing from the angle of “why should I care?” and, more importantly, “what can I do with it?”

Download the episode directly right here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically, or just click play below to listen to it right here:

You can check out the slides in my previous post on the topic.

The Austin Cloud User’s Group is starting off nicely. I’d love to see people come in and talk about their first-hand experience using the cloud, as well as more technological overviews. The next talk will be about security in the cloud, and then some Rackspace OpenStack folks will come in to talk about OpenStack. It’s also a great, cheap sponsorship opportunity – just buy pizza and drinks and you get sponsorship which means a 5 minute speaking slot at the beginning of the meeting. It looks like they’ll be recording and publishing these meeting on the web so they should get some nice reach and permanency for those who can’t show up to the meeting.

Disclosure: Rackspace is a client, as are several people mentioned in the talk here. See the RedMonk client list.

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