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GroundWork 5.2 Interview with David Dennis

RedMonk client GroundWork Open Source released version 5.2 of their GroundWork Monitor product line today. See the press release and Paula Rooney’s note here.

Last week, they sponsored a RedMonk video interview with David Dennis on the topic of IT Management in general and, of course, GroundWork specifically. I split the video into two parts, the general, market-level overview and then the specific 5.2 features:

Part 1

In the first part, I talk with David Dennis, Senior Director of Product Marketing at GroundWork Open Source. GroundWork has a new release, so I take this time to ask David how GroundWork’s been doing and what type of deployments they find themselves in, that is, where GroundWork is fitting in in the overall IT Management stack. David uses a brief explanation of the theory of comparative advantage to explain GroundWork’s theory that other IT Management vendors are looking to move up the data center management stack, leaving monitoring and management for others. We close out this first part by discussing how open source IT Management folks can fit into their idea.

Part 2

In the second part of this two part interview, I continue talking with David Dennis, Senior Director of Product Marketing at GroundWork Open Source. Here, we go over a general overview of what GroundWork Monitor is, namely, an integrated combination of different open source IT Management projects and stacks. As David notes, they’re no limited to working with just open source stacks, being able to integrate with any piece of IT Management software that has an interface and/or API. We also go over new features and improvements in GroundWork Monitor 5.2. Of most interest to me are the scripting or “management” functions built into 5.2’s UI.

Disclaimer: GroundWork is a client and used hours to do these videos.

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