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RIA Weekly #11 – WaveMaker

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In this episode, Ryan Stewart and I talk with Chris Keene, CEO of WaveMaker. We spend the first half talking about WaveMaker Studio, WaveMaker’s web-based development stack. Then, we discuss the different scenarios that people are using WaveMaker in. Interestingly, it sounds similar to Appcelerator’s ambitions, who we talked with a few episodes back.

On the note of competition, Chris gets into an interesting discussion about Microsoft, who he pegs as the dominate development tools provider in the type of corporate environments WaveMaker is targeting (for the most part).

We round out the episode by talking about the recent Scott Guthrie interview, Prism, and my thinking out loud that having cross-platform support for development tools may end up being “more important” than cross-platform for deployment, the second cross-platform of which is taken for granted at this point.

Disclaimer: Adobe and Microsoft are clients. As is IBM who gets mentioned. See the RedMonk client list for other RedMonk clients mentioned.

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