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Leveraging Blogs for Better Customer Service

Customer Support Stories in Twitter

As long term readers know, esp. this dude, I’m all about using blogs and other public web media to get stuff done by breaking up concreted bureaucratic anti-will. I’ve often wondered if publicly commenting about customer support experience problems is a good way to get better customer support.

We’ve has seen the pre-sales cycle speed when blogs and social networks of influence get involved in the case of Ric “aqualung” Hayman. But, I’m curious if a wide-swath of people have found blogs as a useful accelerator for getting the “shut that complaining guy on the web-corner up!” attention you sometimes need in the world of customer support.

Anyone had success with that tactic?

Disclaimer: Adobe is a client.

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  1. Funny you should mention it. I was bitching about Zoomerang last week and some cat from Zoomerang contacted me and did a kick ass job of explaining the problem and helping me with a soln.

    (For those interested see posts on Surveys.)