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BarCampAustin: Using Blogs to Get Stuff Done

BarCampAustin has been good fun so far. It’s great dorking out all day ;>

I did one of the first sessions this morning around noon. Since this is ostensibly a “family friendly” blog, pardon the asterisks…the name of the presentation was: “Getting Sh*t Done and Getting Sh*t with Blogging.” I started by talking about how I’d setup internal blogs at my former employer, BMC, and how the blogs were key to improving things behind the firewall.

Getting stuff done indeed. TCB.

Here’s the presentation (warning: it doesn’t use asterisks): I didn’t get much time to put it together, but the lack of structure helped the BoF format well.

Brandon has a nice write-up of the session.

As I noted, I got volunteered to help out, so I haven’t had much time to post.

Be sure to check out the BarCampAustin photos in flickr: the tag has beaten out sxsw.

Disclaimer: BMC is a client.

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  1. Ah, that must be the Cote-mobile I’ve heard so much about. You know, the one you jump in when commissioner Gordon shines that huge “acute e” in the night sky.

  2. Is that what that light in the sky is for? Man, I’m gonna be busier than I thought this year.