• Richard Nicholson

    Sounds like you are trying to re-invent OSGi? The linker is the powerful OSGi requirements / capabilities metadata – and the resolver behaviours. The new R5 resolver specification supports multiple namespaces enabling support for complex environmental and application layer dependencies. The loader? Well the OSGi runtime. Also no-longer  is not limited to Java! Paremus are wrapping traditional applications like MongoDB and installing them dynamically and managing them as OSGi artifacts – but running on the OS instead of in an OSGi framework!  

  • dberkholz

    Not trying to be hostile to OSGi, but if it solved the problem easily and beyond Java, wouldn’t everyone be using it?

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  • http://ringo.de-smet.name/ Ringo De Smet

    Richard, I am very interested to learn about OSGi outside of the Java world. Do you have pointers to public articles of such usage?

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