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Entrepreneurial technologists as another creative class

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I recently tripped across another great post by Rick Turoczy (author of Silicon Florist) that really resonated with me, and I couldn’t resist quoting it here:

His hypothesis was that startups and the entrepreneurial technologist who founded them were another creative class; a group of people who chose to express themselves with apps and code instead of pictures and words.

And the company for whom he worked—a Portland-based communications firm called Wieden+Kennedy—wanted to help. They wanted to foster that next generation of creatives in town. Because they were changing the way stories were told. Because W+K wanted to be part of that.

Developers as creatives — that’s an important thought. One that companies like Adobe should definitely be considering, as they think about how code-based products fit into a creative lineup including things like Photoshop and InDesign.

Disclosure: Adobe is a client.



  1. Don’t Adobe already have products, like Dreamweaver, for this? But I wonder where these kind of products fit into the evolution of a developer. I remember using Dreamweaver many, many years ago when I was still learning to code but nowadays use IDE/text editor.

    Perhaps the modern equivalent is the iOS SDK with it’s Interface Builder?

    1. Sort of, yeah. And in fact Dreamweaver is how I got into code myself. But it’s no longer good at building modern websites, which has a lot to do with Adobe’s introduction of the Edge suite. So they need to rethink the process of designer->developer evolution for today’s tech and their products of today. Given their current lineup of less monolithic tooling, that tends to mean more integration than internal features.

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