Niven Curtis-Woodcock and Ross Tierney – Wobbly Feet & Robot Scanners

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At Monki Gras 2013, a seed of an idea was planted with a simple and modest goal; revolutionise healthcare. More specifically, revolutionise the orthotics industry that has long been neglected resulting in poorly fitting orthotic devices, discomfort and pain for the patients and families. Andiamo’s co-founders Naveed and Samiya Parvez experienced first hand the pain and frustration caused by the inefficiency of the traditional orthotics industry when their son Diamo was born with cerebral palsy. Diamo sadly passed away and the parents have since dedicated their lives to ensure no child or family face a similar experience. Andiamo’s digital approach results in perfectly fitting orthoses, a simpler process for clinicians and some very happy families. This talk will discuss some of the challenges that the design and engineering team face on a daily basis to ensure a radically improved service for everyone involved.

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