Steph Johnson – How to (Unapologetically) Create Ease at Work

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How to (Unapologetically) Create Ease at Work: Extending accessibility to people with neurological, mental and emotional disorders.

As a person with Tourette’s syndrome, I focus on creating ease so I can do my best work. Because I am senior, vocal, confident and feel supported by my employer, I am able to succeed. But, what does someone who is junior, shy, private or who suffers from an anxiety disorder have to do to get what they need if they don’t want to draw attention to their challenge at work? We will discuss things like how to create a workplace culture that enables people to be their true selves at work, how to be a better manager when you have team members with different abilities and conditions and the art of creating ease for yourself with bosses, peers and direct reports to access the brightest parts of your work self.

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