Mentorship: A Tradition, A Right and a Duty

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Mentorship is both an important concept in the technology industry and one with a very long history in human civilization. In this talk, Erik Dasque looks at the French tradition of Compagnonnage and the need and impact of modern-day mentorship in the tech community. From examples of what teaching and being taught a craft meant then, as an apprentice to how companions took the Tour de France (not the cycling event) to learn from the best craftsmen in the country and how one would make a Chef d’Oeuvre to become a Maître (Master), this talk compared and contrasted the history and tradition of mentorship with current industry best practices. Ultimately, the talk was an exploration of what we can do as industry insiders to help with individual growth and what a return to compagnonnage type practices do to our technology world and beyond. Whether you’re a mentor, a mentee or both, this talk will provide you with an understanding of best practices and the long history that guides them.

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