A RedMonk Conversation: Serverless WebSockets and the Serverless Stack

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Another RedMonk Conversation, this time between RedMonk co-founder James Governor and Ably CEO Matthew O’Riordan. They talk about the rise of real time, the power of WebSockets, the value of product led business models, serverless, and of course, the really big question – why are applications so terrible at handling the apostrophes in Irish names?

So what’s in a serverless stack anyway? Compute, cache, database etc. What’s missing? The problem Ably is working on is a great developer experience for creating a stateful connection back to the client, so you can create a live connection. It’s about doing one thing well. Composing services that scale with a great DX to make developers more productive.

Why not just use Kafka, for real time? What’s the difference? And why WebSockets again? This video delves into all that. Is it worth building your own real time architecture using AWS services? Lots of questions and in this video you’ll get some interesting answers.

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