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Kingmakers in the enterprise

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This was such an amazing email that I had to share some of it with you. It’s from one of our end-user clients in the insurance industry, who I recently spent a day working with.

We’re seeing growing traction in what I’d call forward-leaning enterprises — companies interested in the business value of technology. They’re excited about IT as a function that collaborates with the business to drive returns rather than as a cost center, a la Phoenix Project. Here’s one example:

I’ve always expected that hearing from RedMonk would serve as a catalyst for discussion and action.  I’ve seen and heard more active discussion from our business leaders down through our dev teams and those in ops than I have heard out of any other discussions we have had on any topic.

I’m seeing excitement and moves to action.  The discussions brought together many smaller discussions and thoughts I think several have had.  You really were able to crystallize what we were seeing and where we wanted to go.

Hands down the best dollars I have ever spent.

Boom. Developers are the new kingmakers, both inside the Bay Area bubble as well as far beyond it.


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