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Time for a Cloudera data product?

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Cloudera’s Justin Kestelyn recently wrote up a great post on their champagne strategy (more typically known as dogfooding). In it, he described that they’re collecting a ton of (opt-in) data about their customers that enables them to improve their tech support by aggregating and processing that data across large numbers of users of their Hadoop distribution, CDH.

While Cloudera’s already doing an excellent job by collecting telemetry data and extracting value from it, what’s missing from this picture? It’s the opportunity for a data product, a la New Relic’s App Speed Index or other examples my colleague Steve has written about numerous times.

As revenue from software shrinks, data will continue to grow in importance not just as a differentiator but also as an increasingly valuable new business model.

Disclosure: Cloudera and New Relic are clients.


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