Do developers really love beer, or is it just a myth?

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Do developers really love beer, or is it just a myth?

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Last year, PHP company Zend started running a regular survey about what developers care about and do (tools, processes, cloud, etc.), and the latest “bonus” question was about beer preferences, which I discovered thanks to James. Which as you can imagine, we care deeply about here at RedMonk since we run conferences about the intersection of tech, social, and beer. Since I’m not a fan of 3D bar graphs (to put it politely), I made my own using their data:

As you can see, the vast majority of developers enjoy beer. Shocker? No. But it’s good to validate your assumptions from time to time. The truly sad part is that the #1 beer of choice was Heineken. Also on the top 5 were Budweiser and Corona. At least the developers taking the survey redeemed themselves slightly with Guinness and Stella Artois. If you make it to the Monktoberfest, you’ll enjoy beers that are orders of magnitude superior to even the best of that list.

I’m participating in RedMonk’s annual August vacation, so I will return with VMworld, LinuxCon, and CloudOpen in late August. If you absolutely must reach me, send email to [email protected]. Till then!

Disclosure: Zend, VMware, and the Linux Foundation are clients.



  1. You probably know already how I feel about this, but maybe it’s worth stating — I don’t have anything in particular against beer… but sometimes it _really_ feels like those who don’t want or can’t drink are easily marginalized.
    So I really wouldn’t mind if things like this kind of surveys stopped to be around.

  2. Heineken?  *Corona*?!

    My respect for PHP developers sinks to a new low.

  3. I’m not sure what kind of conclusion can be reached without a similar number of survey responses from non-developers.  
    Let’s talk about how developers all enjoy oxygen so much.  🙂

  4. I’d like an option for “I like beer, but not at tech conferences”.  I feel like it’s just not the right place.  I like rock climbing, too — why aren’t there any tech conferences centered around rock climbing?  But no, beer, always beer, our beer is “orders of magnitude superior” to your beer, beer beer beer.

  5.  Wha wha what? are Heineken, Budweiser and Corona beers? Living half an hour far from Portland, OR and being a porter/stout kind of beer lover, I can’t believe those beers were amongst some developers choices. I really enjoy a full flavored dark beer.

  6. Being an alcoholic, this amused me to no end :>
    Enjoy your holiday dude.

  7. Sometimes you jsut gotta roll with it man.

  8. Beer + Perl = Perfect!

    Меня такие вещи интересуют на ровне с заработком денег. А проект указанный в начале этого поста, даёт такую возможность. Ведь это заработок дама, на компьютере и без вложения собственных средств. Мной проверено.

  10. First off the chart doesn’t even add up, what did you poll 180% of all devs around the world?  lmao.  Second, this article is BEER PROPAGANDA.  How do I know this?  I have worked in tech for 25 years, with HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of technicians, developers, programmers, modelers, etc   And in all those years, I have met merely a handful that drink ANY sort of alcohol, and those that did, were lightweights, as in they had a beer or two when they got off work.

    1. There are different tech cultures diverging. The first half of my career hardly any devs I knew drank, then I moved on to a different language where nearly 100% of the devs drink hard, and microbrews at that.

  11. Alcoholics think they’re reinforcing their belief that drinking isn’t a complete and utter waste of time, if you want the truth, from someone IN the industry, trust me when I say this, there are FAR MORE herb heads in tech, than alcoholics.  FAR MORE.

  12. I have been both an hacker and a developer but i never liked much alcohol, i instead love to smoke allot of herbs xD

    Вот блог с доказательством выплат настоящих денег. Не условных единиц, не бонусов каких – нибудь. Доход в интернете без вложений всё таки возможен! Заработок в интернете без вложений собственных средств не лёгкое дело… Но… Всё же я получил уже не первую выплату.

  14. All is said here :

    No further explanation needed!

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