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Where the developers are, OpenStack edition

When asked where developers hang out now-a-days, my first answer is always Twitter. Anecdotally, when I ask developers where they get their news many of them say two sources: Twitter and GitHub. They then admit to some other sites, but those are just more for when they’re bored. If you remember the huge sway sites like Slashdot had, that’s a huge change, to go to something as cooky and tiny as Twitter. But, hey, everyone’s doing it.

So, I was interesting to page through one of the recent OpenStack surveys. Granted, it’s just 33 respondents, so that’s nothing scientific or otherwise. Nonetheless, they have a nice listing of social networking sites those 33 keep an eye on:

Asked about their primary source for OpenStack info, 33% said it was social media, 33% said the official OpenStack site, and the rest got their info from blogs and other sources. Check out the survey write-up for some more details and other questions.

Disclosure: Rackspace is a client.

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