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Disruption with dev/ops and PaaS Unicorns

Back from Velocity, John and I catch up on things going on in the cloud and dev/ops space. We try to iron out what exactly the change and point of dev/ops is and how businesses could use it. The episode is capped of with a discussion about PaaSes, two possible types of them.

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Show Notes

  • What is dev/ops? workshops – at Atlanta, Portland – who comes to these things? Mostly web startup guys, but some enterprise people.
  • What’s with the Microsoft interest? They sponsored the Atlanta workshop.
  • On Microsoft and cloud dev – Concero, the VisualStudio pickling tool. Opalis is another interesting asset.
  • The rising need for orchestration in dev/ops? Which brings in DTO Solutions’ Run Deck – John gives an overview.
  • How about OSLC? Anyone know about that?
  • VisibleOps stuff, researching IT management in practice.
  • What are the metrics for success and failure in dev/ops? Lots of MTTR, expecting failure.
  • In a failure-driven world: never mind that premature optimization is the devil’s root canal business.
  • If you have to move from Amazon to Rackspace, how long would it take?
  • A painful problem statement: you can’t be agile with current IT Management. Also: it’s not how much it costs you, it’s how much you make.
  • DRW pairing developers and traders at a desk. Making it a little bluer. “They can get things in front of customers really fast.”
  • Adaptive Business Plans, Evolutionary Transactions – The only reason a business wants to be your friend is to get your money.
  • Find the moribund businesses, revitalize them with more agile IT.
  • How was Velocity?
  • Some PaaS talk – “bring your own PaaS,” etc. And John likes “the private PaaS.” Or is it “build your own PaaS”? Like, using a Chef cookbook to use RabbitMQ. And then “purpose driven cloud” from John.
  • John at Build a Cloud day in Chicago this weekend.

Disclosure: see the RedMonk client list for clients mentioned.

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