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In case you haven’t noticed it in Twitter, we’ve started a new RedMonk blog to go over all the gadgets, services, gear, and (my favorite) practices and “how people work” items we come across at RedMonk. There’s not a blizzard of posts up there – it’s not our primary focus, after all – but as things come up, we’ve been pretty good about putting up reviews and overviews.

Here’s some highlights so far:

Our future reviews include the iPad for work and travel, Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Focus), some sort of whacky keyboards made here in Austin (and other devices on display during SXSW), and other gadgets and gizmos we’ve been testing out. I try to wait until I’ve used a device for a month or more before reviewing it to get a real feel for it, so my reviews aren’t always timely. Also, I’m a huge personal fan of the “what’s in your bag?” and “what stuff do you use?” interview formats which I hope to be doing soon.

One of our goals is to “review” anything that might be interesting to the RedMonk Community, not just computer crap. As such, there’s, uh, “lighter” stuff like this taste test between two types of tea latté’s.

If you’ve got ideas for “gear” to review, send them along – we’ll see what we can do.

If you’re interested, your best bet is to subscribe to the full RSS feed (along with all the other RedMonk ones, right?) to get updates as they come in, or just check it out at (We have a Twitter account, @GearMonk, but we haven’t wired it up yet.)

Disclosure: some of these things we’ve purchased, others have been given to us as review units, and some come from clients.

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