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Seersucker – Austin Tech Scene #8

Testing out the new jacket

This week, Brandon calls in remote and we cover a lot of pricing and ecommerce-y related news in addition to seersucker suits.

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Show Notes

Disclosure: see the RedMonk client list for relevant folks.

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  1. I agree on Burton Group – we use them here at NI. We always resisted getting an analyst firm before that because as you note they are more "boardroom focused" but we've been happy with the advice we've gotten from Burton.

    Look forward to hearing you speak at the next ACUG!

  2. Mat: yeah, there's always those whacky ideas that haven't panned out yet. The only thing I've got is that maybe computer power is cheap and fast enough to make it possible now, crossed with higher speed networks that are, also, cheaper. We'll see.

    Ernest: yeah, the ACUG should be fun!

  3. On your discussion of Qcue and dynamic pricing, I was immediately reminded of an article I read years ago in Wired concerning RFID and the potential dynamic pricing based on real-time inventory stastics and buying habits.

    The described use cases were not only based on customer demand, but also on the potential to influence customer shopping times, allowing stores to most efficiently balance staffing by enticing shoppers to come into the store at typically low traffic times.

    … and thanks for the comment on the Austin contingent at Burton Catalyst.