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On the TechCast for #phillyete

While I was at the Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference a few weeks ago, I had the fun chance to be a guest on the TechCast. The episode is up now, and it has a nice tour of Apple ToS stink-ups, cheese steaks, and the characteristics of good developers.

Here’s the description from Ken:

We held an open podcast on the evening of April 8th at the happy hour reception of the 2010 Philly Emerging Tech show.  I had invited James Ward and Michael Coté to sit with me, and see what developed.  Well, beyond the happy hour food and beer, which flowed freely, so did the conversation.  Adam Coombs from Infegy sat down with us, and later Ed Burns from Oracle joined the table.

Check out the full show notes for more and relevant links as well as the actual recording itself.

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