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Links for April 17th through April 19th


A little something extra…

My folks cleaned out their attic recently and had some dishes to give to you – they matched one of the sets we had. As usual, they’d used wadded up newspaper to cushion the dishes. Seeing that the paper was from 1993, I was excited to see the 10+ year old ads in there. There were a couple of good tech ones – the cellphone brick one above and one for Apple Performas – along with others. Also, these tips for your home office are pretty good – nice attention to FAX machines!

The most remarkable thing is how much printers used to cost, and the computers themselves are pricey as well. Can you imagine paying $378 for a FAX machine?! You probably can’t give those things away now-a-days. All that budget slack gives us plenty of cash to spend on big TVs, monitors, cellphones, tablets, and iPods I suppose.

My folks also brought over all my old comic books, which are much more entertaining if you don’t get all worked up over early 90’s FAX machine pricing 😉

The Links

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