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Links for March 31st through April 1st

At JavaOne 2003

A little something extra…

A reporter asked me about complexity in Java recently. Here’s what I replied:

Java’s legacy of complexity is certainly an issue. Starting with JBoss, then Spring, and now the componentization efforts (OSGi and the Java modularity effort) the Java world has been trying to fight “bloat” for a long time.

Still, people I talk with still rely on Java for much of the “heavy lifting” out there. True, other languages are used plenty, and the lack of quick-n-easy and slick UIs in Java has finally come back to bite it in the ass in recent years.

Towards the end of Sun’s life, there was much of talk of focusing on using the Java VM to run dynamic languages – the Tim Bray Ruby All-stars were all over this, and Ted Leung who’s still there (I believe [Update: actually, he’s gone too]). The Spring people have a lot of optimism around Groovy. Along with finally nailing down slimmer profiles and a “stackless
stack” approach
to Java applications, it’d certainly help to continue that dynamic language push.

Focusing on “the kids” (or “people with piercings” to use Jeet Kaul’s moniker) is always strategic for a technology company. If you get the new coders using your technology, they’ll try to use it “on the job.”

Thus continues my love-hate relationship with my old favorite tool, Java.

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