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Links for March 30th through March 31st

A little something extra…

Pinboard: bookmarks for cote

After seeing Stephen move over to Pinboard a little while ago, I’ve been curious. I saw that Robert Brook was using it this afternoon and finally decided to sign up. I paid for the full meal, $25 for a year of the service and archiving of my bookmarks (it saves a cached copy).

So far, it’s nice. The initial feature set (pulling in, Google Reader, Twitter links, InstaPaper, etc.) is fantastic. Like Stephen, I’ve been a long time user (it’s what powers these links and I actually use it to store and then look up things for my job) but the lack of attention to it has been disappointing. To be clear: has been a phenomenal part of my (online) life and career for a long, long time. Love(d) ’em!

We’ll see if the idea that “you get what you pay for” applies here. I pay for flickr, and have little to no complaints there – along with other services like Evernote and iPhone Apps for InstaPaper, etc. I hope to see a continuous stream of fun, helpful, if only small features from Pinboard.

(Pardon any hiccups you see in the links as I readjust my Yahoo! Pipes/Wordpress whirligig to use Pinboard.)

The Links

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  1. Sure, what I do is:

    use this pipe:

    you can see I used to splice together several sources, now it's just

    with the Postalicious WP plugin. that plugin is kinda tedious and weird, but does the trick.

  2. Can you share your Yahoo Pipes/WordPress thingy, which I assume does the auto-posting? I can’t consider moving off Delicious without some sort of auto-post (or at least semi-auto).

  3. typo alert! (feel free to delete comment after fix)

    “fee open source components” should be “free open source components”


  4. Chris: thanks! I always appreciate the help!

  5. @coté: See, someone does read what you write 🙂

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