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A little something extra…

One of my friends in PR recently asked me what for the general outline I expect to see in an analyst briefing. For all the briefings I get, there’s a pretty standard outline to start with:

  • History of company – but keep it brief: we don’t care too much. And when it comes to the team, as all that fine print says, “past performance is no guarantee of its future success.”
  • The technology itself – while knowing the “problem” and your “solution” is good, we’re pretty damn interested in what the actual gorp is itself.
  • Why people buy it, or will buy it – named references if possible.
  • Why it’s better than the past and existing offerings – it better be a better mouse trap, or a trap catches an animal that’s never been trapped before.
  • Go-to-market strategy – direct, partners, resellers, over web, field sales force, or mix and match! We want to hear how the company is going to make money so it can become a stable company instead of a flash in the pan that sucked funding dry.
  • Road-map and next strategy.

On a the topic of dealing with analysts, you might also be interested in my aptly titled “Dealing With Analysts” presentation from 2008: I tried to give a pretty frank overview of what tech companies should be looking to accomplish when working with, or at least “encountering” industry analysts.

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