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Links for January 29th through February 1st

A little something extra…

While us IT nerds were having a great time at the first OpsCamp this weekend, the rest of the world was once again obsessing about the future of the web, manifested this time in the iPad’s lack of Flash support.

On this topic, I’ve had several conversations already about The Fate of the Web. Ultimately, this one is tough because the people who’ll determine if Apple’s closed model works or not are consumers, not developers or “enterprises,” who’ve traditionally determined the fate of new technologies and technology philosophies. Sure, the applications available are important, but it’s tough to believe in the rationality of “the actor” here. Judging from the quality of TV and “entertainment” that those consumers put up with, we’ve got a rough ride ahead.

The other interesting angle here is the role of devices vs. the traditional PC. How much power do desktop/laptop scenarios have here? In essence, the desktop is too good at what it does: other than running iPhone apps, it’ll run anything, so it can’t use the exclusion of technologies (e.g., lack of an open way to distribute applications) to muck with the future.

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