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Using the Intuit Partner Platform, Alterity's story – RIA Weekly #69

In this episode, I talk with Alterity‘s Brian Sweat about launching their new application, Easy Analytics for Inventory, on the Intuit Partner Platform. We talk about IPP, Flex, cloud, analytics, and the ready to go QuickBooks customer-base of 4.5 million users – a pretty exciting setup for one development team’s story on using RIAs and the cloud.

You can download this episode directly directly and it’ll also show up in the RIA Weekly feed for iTunes and other podcatchers. Or, just use the controls below to listen to it right here:

If you’re interested in an overview of IPP, I suggest last week’s episode with Intuit architect Jeff Collins.

Show Notes

  • Brian tells us about Alterity and their new offering, Easy Analytics for Inventory.
  • I ask Brian to tell us how they started getting interested in using IPP and what the process was like getting up and running.
  • We talk about the use of Flex and how the IPP platform integrates with the UI layer.
  • Brian tells us about the ability to more closely track what users are actually using and doing (or not using) in a cloud-based application.
  • While customers don’t seem to be overly concerned with cloud vs. desktop deployment – at this early point – Brain says the support and even install time on cloud seems much smaller than for traditional deployment options.
  • This leads to a discussion about the other effects a PaaS, like IPP, has on a company’s structure: namely not having to worry so much about billing and other back-office concerns. And then there’s all the marketing Intuit does for them in the App Center.

Full Transcript

See the full transcript over on the RIA Weekly post.

Disclosure: Intuit is a client and sponsored this episode.

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