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Links for January 26th

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Will there be a public cloud from Oracle? That was the question IDG’s Chris Kanaracus asked me IM today. As I wore out my keyboard thinking out load to him, the only answer I could get to was, “that’s a good question.”

Selling into the (currently being built-up) desire for private clouds makes perfect sense for any company. If private cloud means the Fortune Spendsalots are each going to implement their own clouds, you can see the dollars rushing around there. As I often note, that cynical take on private clouds makes me overly-leery of the concept.

But do companies like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, etc. want to be in the lower-levels of cloud computing where the prices are in pennies? From their actions, it’d seem like the answer is now: it’s better to be the the upper levels of cloud computing, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) where you can instead charge many dollars per hour of usage instead of spare change.

That is, if you’re going to be in the cloud business, you’ll want to dominate market-share and take advantage of existing investments (like Amazon and Rackspace) or have some value added software that you actually sell on-top of penny infrastructure. You could, of course, gun for both.

One of my fellow Enterprise Irregulars, Bob Warfield, pointed out that there’s also the point of control: perhaps if you give the lower levels over to the penny infrastructure players, you’re giving over more control than you think. Indeed, that desire to control metal-to-glass has driven much strategy (for better or worse) in the IT vendor world.

The up-shot is that I still don’t know if we’ll see a public cloud from Oracle, or if it’s be good or bad for them. Maybe we’ll get a hint – or more! – tomorrow. PaaS and SaaS, sure: that seems to make sense for the elder vendors. But we’ll have to see for IaaS. Someone’s gotta do it though, or the whole cloud thing is just blue skying.

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