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Links for January 6th

Google - Nexus One Link

A little something extra…

Google has a tough row to hoe when it comes to beating the iPhone. What I’m excited about with the Nexus One and Android phones is to put pressure on Apple and it’s telco buddies to be more open or, at least, give us some innovations that out-weigh the closed nature of the iPhone. If Apple doesn’t change, beating them will be easy as Apple’s own history has shown. It’s also a weird time for Apple where people are wondering how much more longer Steve Jobs can run the shop – things don’t seem to go well when he’s gone, and I’m not sure there’s really a succession plan.

Off all times to battle against Apple/iPhone, this is the time to start, but it’ll be tough. As the lone subject in the informal smart phone usability “test” post from Peter-Paul Koch below puts it: “Oh,” B. said, “so this is how a touchscreen is supposed to work.” And then: He concluded that he understood the iPhone hype fully now; all the praise was well deserved.

Yup, it’d be like beating


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  1. As a card-carrying "Adobe complainer" I'll point out that an auto-updater only works if they put out updates promptly and their track record on the matter is pretty bad.