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Links for January 4th through January 5th

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In one of the pieces below, Tim Bray does a nice write-up of the ongoing (pun!) question for the past few years: what’s up with enterprise software (seeming) to suck so much? Consumer technology has taken a strong lead over business software, in general, and it’s been perplexing to see how long business has taken to catch up.

Clearly, businesses need to start doing things different if this motherhood and apple-pie line is more than a straw-man. The obvious question is: how?

The more useful question is: what are examples where this much transformation has actually worked, and how can we start applying them? Even better, what are examples where it’s failed?

As an example, if I recall the US retail numbers from this past Black Friday, Wal-mart, Target, and all manner of “old school” companies were in the top 20, with only Amazon and two other “pure web” retailer in the top 20 for online retail traffic (though, begging the question for actual sales figures?). How’d that happen?

Along these lines, Israel Gat over at The Agile Executive has dragged the Agile chair into the conversation a few times of late as well: on ERP and Agile and then a follow-up.

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