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Links for December 15th

Two new books for review

A little something extra…

I’ve been asked a lot recently about good books I’ve read recently, or over the past year. Like most lists now-a-days, instead of actually remembering which books I liked, I’ve just been cataloging them on the web, over at It’s always nice to see what other people are reading, so friend me up over there if you’re into sharing.

This year I’ve mostly read fiction, though after getting on the PR list for couple publishers, I get my share of tech books in the mail. I just got one yesterday that I’m looking forward to reading through (and, in a pinch, using the 600 plus page book to smash errant bugs ;>), CRM at the Speed of Light. We’ll see what’s in that tome.

The Links

Disclosure: see the RedMonk client list for clients mentioned.

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