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Links for December 14th


A little something extra…

Several of the links below point towards Dell’s big data center announcement: hoping to move IT to rely more on super-fast ethernet for everything, including storage. As a quote from one of the pieces puts it: “Dell wants to help enterprises migrate toward unified Ethernet datacenter networks from current mixed architectures that use both Ethernet and Fibre Channel.”

There’s a race to break the chain of bottle necks in IT at the moment. Business used to move so slow that IT could take their time, and that IT stuff was complicated! The Internet came, and right up to the present companies saw things like Hotmail, Google, and Facebook and The Business started asking, “if these toy sites can do it do easy, what’s our problem?” Then software development was so impossibly slow that operations could relax; Agile software development fit that. Now, to believe the state of the art in Management by Magazine, operations staff seemingly have the technology at their hands to deliver applications rapidly. Problem is, there’s still bottle-necks like the speed it takes to actually deploy new changes over current networks, whether physical or virtual.

Dell’s moves here are to try to start speeding up with a little help from 10gigE. What’ll the next bottle-neck be?

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