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Traveling John – IT Management #58

A touch of class

This week John and I go over recent conferences and cloud related talks John has had, along with the firming up of “Agile Infrastructure” which is, really, the marrying of development and operations glued together with cloud technology. Full show notes below.

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Show notes:

  • The London place where you eat in the dark.
  • Canonical Cloud road-show in London – around 40 people – James Governor did a keynote on cloud computing.
  • I ask John to profile some of the attendees at the event – we hear about a podcast fan and their cloud and Big Data desires.
  • There’s more instance of “Agile Infrastructure” now – a story of slow bank IT and fore-closers from Teyo Tyree.
  • Oracle, Coherence, OLAP, Monte Carlo stuff?
  • devopsdays – Agile mixing into infrastructure
  • John’s NoSQL East keynote, see the video!
  • HP buying 3Com – the old alliances in systems are scattered with Oracle buying Sun and Cisco expanding outside of packets.
  • 2010 predictions – Stephen and James have done theirs, we’ll have to do ours. Last year’s whacky predictions guest, Dave Rosenberg, in the New York Times.
  • ManageEngine – Firewall, Desktop management, Netflow. Selling into LoB stuff or SMBs. Beta of SaaS monitoring launched in March 2009 and still working out beta stuff.
  • Rivermuse released – they say it’s a fresh take on event management.
  • Flapjack! The latest corny named Big Data/cloud/etc. project. The new naming trend is to be corny, not drop “e” from your name.
  • John tells the Gilt story (here’s one write-up) – how a shoe brought down ruby. This leads to a wider question of how well the classic rails architecture scales in these instances.
  • Saving SOA with queues, asynchronous architectures, ESBs, etc. (where “saving” means “scaling”) – John seeing some Java stealthily startups here, and hopefully this is a direction VMWare/SpringSource might be going with all it’s Java in the cloud business.
  • For some good, old fashioned IT Management check out, which is getting around sorting out what BMS, ITIL, and ITSM means, how it might change, etc. in a cloudy world.
  • Rational’s beta of cloud delivery services for developers and QA.
  • John’s take on a possible service management renaissance in the cloudy world.
  • Rackspace Cloud going crazy! Windows Beta, all sorts of customer references.

Disclosure: Canonical, Microsoft, IBM, and HP are clients. See the RedMonk client list for others mentioned.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning Flapjack! Your comparison to SOA was really interesting.