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Maturing the Software Life-cycle – Neeraj Chandra at RSC 2009

In this interview from RSC 2009, I talk with IBM’s Neeraj Chandra, who you may recall from two previous interviews at RSDC 2008 and Innovation 2008, last year.

We start out talking about what exactly a “Smart Product” is and how Rational fits into the overall IBM “Smart Planet” vision. Here, the discussion gets into one of the recent Rational tenants: businesses should not only be looking to software for differentiation and value, but are indeed forced to.

The question then, is how IBM helps companies do this: the goals are, of course, desirable, but the devil is always in the details. Part of the story here is the need to bring more discipline to the software creation process as it raises is criticality to the business.

While the IT-side of the equation has to change, there’s also much needed from the business side. We discuss how the business-side needs to change and adapt to these scenarios as well. Neeraj points out that much of this change is enabled by upping the collaborative aspects in the overall Rational portfolio – enabled, of course, by the Jazz platform.

We get back to to how business strategy and objectives map down to IT and the development of software – I ask Nerraj to go over how bodies of practice like Rational’s MCIF are used to map between the two sets of objectives.

Disclosure: IBM is a client and sponsored these videos.

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