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Brief Notes – The Week in Briefings

I get a lot of “briefings” during the week: phone conversations with vendors (commercial and otherwise) going over their products, services, and “offerings.” These typically last an hour and can be anything from extreme “marketing” to low-level technical talks.

Yesterday I asked the “my tweeps” if they’d like to see notes on all those briefings. There wasn’t a “no” answer, but some people said they’d prefer to see just the good ones. I loath making content-producing promises – because I always break them – but so far I have three “brief notes” for those interested:

While I don’t plan on writing up every single briefing I get – some are confidential, others just boring, and then everything in-between – it is (professionally) nice to do so. I’ll see if I can set aside some time each week, as I did this week, to write them up. If you like them, leave a note so I know to keep it up.

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