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Numbers, Volume 13 – Vacation Edition

Poolside at the Conrad Bangkok

The Numbers fans among you might have noticed a short interruption in the weekly numbers roll-up while I was on vacation. Tragically, my numbers skills don’t extend into predictions. That said, here are a small sample of the more interesting numbers that pilled up while I was gone:

Chumby Gets More Cash

Pandora on my Chumby

Chumby Industries has raised $3 million…. As I reported, Chumby previously raised a total of $20 million in VC funding.

I’ve had a Chumby for awhile now. While I don’t really do much with it – it stays powered off most of the time – it is a fascinating little device.


And the community is responding – we’ve had over 1.5 million downloads of our products through the [Web Platform Installer] since January of this year (!!) and almost 150,000 applications from the Windows Web Application Gallery downloaded since March 17th.

SolarWinds Finally IPOs


SolarWinds this week filed its initial public offering that would be worth $139 million and Wednesday more than 12 million of the network and systems management software maker’s shares will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Also, see Ashlee Vance’s brief write-up.

Virtualization at BMC

BMC is one of the largest VMware shops anywhere. We have nearly 9000 Virtual Machines running in our ESX server farms alone. Our growth trajectory will have us break 10,000 VM’s before the end of the summer. The is just VMware, which is not the only virtual player in our shop.

Not all that long ago, our worldwide “real” server count for R&D was a large number: well north of 10,000 real, physical computers. BMC grew, more products came online: entire product categories even… and the real hardware footprint has shrunk to about half what it was three years ago. Ditto the data center space. The current R&D DC move I am working on has us taking over 7000 jam packed square feet down to 5000 square feet… and leaving room to absorb another 1000 square foot lab later. In this one lab, we have leveraged virtualization to more than halve the number of real servers.

BMC is a software company, so their environment is geared towards developing, testing, and supporting software, where many of those boxes are probably involved. That said, in large companies, you could still expect similar types of numbers, sprawl, and whatnot.

Someone cut off The Long Tail

Of the 215,000 video channels on Kyte, nearly all are created by consumers, but only about 1,000 account for more than 90 percent of the mobile videos streamed via the service. And those 1,000 channels are invariably the work of professionals or the cell-phone videos of famous people such as musicians Lady Gaga and Soulja Boy.

The Android Hoard

In its latest report, the firm predicted that Android smartphone shipments will increase a whopping 900 per cent during 2009 over last year. Shipments of Apple’s iPhone will grow 79 per cent this year, SA said.

Over the past month, stories of companies using Android have been coming hot and heavy. There’ll be an interruption in news-buzz when the iPhone 3.0 OS comes out, but it’s starting to look like Android it getting more and more attention.

Disclosure: SolarWinds is a client, as is Microsoft.

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