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Network management with SolarWinds, with Josh Stephens

While visiting with RedMonk client SolarWinds recently I recorded a super-short interview with Josh Stephens, SolarWinds “Head Geek.”

I asked him to go over SolarWinds portfolio of products, define exactly what “network management” is, and then show us a quick preview of their newly announced personal dashboard, Workspace Studio, an addition to the Engineer’s Toolkit.

Disclosure: SolarWinds is a client.

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  1. […] The area of APM can be a shifty one – monitoring end-to-end transactions and application workflows can be technically difficult as you move across tiers, collect together un-integrated data sources, and otherwise try to track what went wrong between the user’s mouse click and the web of infrastructure the application is spread over. Solarwind’s MO, thus far, has been to provide easy to access tools (downloadable and self-installable) at affordable rates. The tools aren’t free, but they’re low enough barrier to entry that many admins who, for example, use the free Spiceworks suite also use Solarwinds. You find Solarwinds tools paired up a lot like that. See this 2009 RedMonkTV video with Solarwinds Josh Stephens for a quick, if older, overview. […]