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Texas Social Media Awards


Today the Austin American-Statesman announced their Texas Social Media Awards winner and I was one of the 25. I’m grateful for the selection and it’s an honeor to be listed with such august fellow Texans. Most of all, thanks to all of the people who left comments on my nomination listing, it was fun and flattering to read all the funny and kind comment.

There’s also a party downtown during SXSWi (on March 15th) if you’re interested. Check out the details over at the Statesman.

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5 Responses

  1. huh huh huh – you said "honer".


  2. I always like to leave in magic word for you, dear Tarus 😉

  3. I won one of those 25 trophies and I owe it all to you, Cote, for turning me on to twitter and doing the interview at Jo's Coffee that made me famous. You put me over the top!

  4. Well, you've more than taken the ball and run with it, @springnet. It'll be nice to catch up soon 😉

Continuing the Discussion

  1. […] Sunday, me + 1 will be checking out the Texas Social Media Awards party (of which, I’m one of the awardees). They’ll be naming the over all winner out of the 25 winners. Also, while it cots $15 to […]